Welded Bracket for the Heavy Construction Equipment Industry

Z&L Machining, Inc. was approached by a Tennessee-based construction equipment company to manufacture welded brackets. These laser-cut and hot-rolled 1018 steel bar stock brackets were sawed to a length of 4.331″ ±.020″ using a KASTO machine.

They were drilled, tapped, and deburred with an Okuma CNC Mill. Afterward, the seats were welded to the HR A-36 plate with a Miller MIG welder.

Each bracket was tested and inspected using calipers, thread gages, and a CMM. Using these top-of-the-line machines and processes, we were able to create a run of 1,400 brackets within tightest tolerances of +.005/ -.003″.

Project Highlights

Product Name:

Welded Bracket

Product Description:

A laser-cut bar stock used within a weldment for the heavy construction industry


Heavy Construction Equipment

Delivery Location:




Estimated Part Weight:


Standards Met:

Customer-Supplied Print, 2D CAD Drawing

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

  • Laser Cutting Plate
  • Saw Cut Bar: Cut to a Length of 4.331" ±.020"
  • CNC Milling: Drill Tap & Deburr
  • Welding, MIG: Weld Seats to Plate

Equipment Used:

  • KASTO Saw
  • Okuma CNC Mill
  • Miller MIG welder

Overall Part Dimensions:

  • Width: 1.250"
  • Thickness: .750"

Tightest Tolerances:

+.005/ -.003"

Material Used:

Hot-Rolled 1018 Steel Bar and HR A-36 Plate

In-Process Testing/Inspection Performed:

  • CMM
  • Caliper
  • Thread Gage