Flame-Cut and Machined Steel Flange for the Agriculture Industry

A client from the agricultural industry asked us to produce a flame-cut and machined steel flange. We began the process by flame cutting the rough size of the 160mmx12mm EX-Ten 50 steel flange.

Using the latest Mazak CNC lathe and Okuma CNC mill, our team faced both sides of the flange before drilling and deburring 9 holes into the entire order of 360 steel flanges. We finished the product with yellow dichromate zinc plating that had a .00032″ minimum thickness.

As always, we met our client’s exacting standards and all our work was done within tightest tolerances of +0.190mm/-0.075mm.

Project Highlights

Product Name:

Machined Steel Flange

Product Description:

A custom machined flange is used within the agricultural industry



Delivery Location:

North Dakota



Estimated Part Weight:


Standards Met:

Customer-Supplied Print, 2D CAD Drawing

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

  • Flame Cutting: Cut Rough Size of Flange
  • Turning CNC: Face Both Sides
  • Mill CNC: Drill and Deburr 9 Holes
  • Secondary: Zinc Plating (.00032” Minimum Thickness With Yellow Dichromate)

Equipment Used:

  • Mazak CNC Lathe
  • Okuma CNC Mill

Overall Part Dimensions:

160 mm dia. x 12 mm thick

Tightest Tolerances:

+0.190 mm/ -0.075 mm

Material Used:

EX-Ten 50 Steel

Max Material Finish:

6.3 Ra – Metric

In-Process Testing/Inspection Performed:

  • CMM
  • Calipers
  • Micrometer
  • Profilometer